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At Business Link Management and Tax Service (B.L.M. Tax Service) it is our goal to provide you with the highest level of service possible. To us, this means not only providing you with the latest tax savings strategies, but also communicating with you regularly. In response to the economic turmoil we have experienced as a country, we have been working diligently to create some additional services to keep you informed in the coming months and year. B.L.M. has linked with United California Financial Management Services to assist you in keep up with your financial services. Personnel at B.L.M. are well trained and are able to assist you and/or your company with bookkeeping, payroll and notary services as well as assisting corporations and non-profits in their start up, compliance, annual returns and sales tax returns. B.L.M. is part of the E-Verify program and is able to assist you with verification of new employee’s eligibility for working in the U.S. In the near future, B.L.M. will be hosting free client education classes on a variety of topics such as the latest tax and financial planning laws.


Monika Staub

Monika began her income tax career in 1984 as a tax preparer, supervisor and instructor for H & R Block. After seven (7) years, she left H & R Block and started her own business, TaxPro$, in Moreno Valley. Monika moved her business to Riverside and subsequently changed the name of the business to Business Link Management. Though preparing taxes was her focus, she was ahead of her time in opening a business that also was to help others connect with companies that were able to assist the client in financial planning, banking, business start up and many other areas of assistance. Today, B.L.M. has grown to a medium size business and is now a corporation. Monika has worked diligently and is qualified to prepare most returns to include corporations, non-profits, and partnerships. Monika is also a Notary Public.



Carmen Nieves

Carmen began her income tax career as a bookkeeper for H & R Block in Muskegon, Michigan. Working with numbers was easy for her and in the following year (1976) she became a tax preparer. In 1979 she moved to Riverside and continued working for H & R Block until 1994. While working at H & R Block, Carmen became an instructor. When Carmen left H& R Block she started her own tax business, Nieves Tax Services. In 2006 after retiring from the City of Riverside, Carmen joined forces with Monika. Carmen is qualified to prepare all 1040 type returns as well trusts and estate returns. Carmen is a Designated Agent for the E-Verify system through Homeland Security and a Certified Acceptance Agent for the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) for the IRS. Carmen is also a Notary Public.



Gerald Reed

Gerald Reed has been doing taxes since 1984 beginning his career with H & R Block as well. In 1993, Gerry became an Enrolled Agent with the IRS meaning he can represent a taxpayer before the IRS or Tax Court. Gerry prepares all types of 1040 returns as well as like exchanges, 1031 exchanges, apartment complexes (rental and sale and/exchange), and small businesses. Gerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing.





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